Chicago Mistress and Dominatrix

Please allow me to re introduce myself..

Have we met before? I have been a professional dominant for well over a decade. Yes, always aware of my nature I followed an advertisement that took me on the Chicago L after high school to cut my teeth on the fine tunings of pro domination & fetishism. I was able to discern my taste and distill my style at two houses before going out on my own.


I have been independent and practicing without pause since the mid aughts, though sometimes elusive. Since that time I have traveled the world and met so many wonderful people who have taught me even more about what I love so much about this practice. Are you one of them? If not I am Domina Thalia Stilitana, my dominance is not a character that I play, it is woven through the core of my being. Therefore everything that I bring to the table is genuine no matter how dramatic or bizarre.


Our time is entirely based on you and I. Every scene is tailored specifically for my pleasure and your self discovery. My style is as dependent upon my mood as it is dependent upon the palpable magic that is our shared energy. I garner true enjoyment from my role as a pro dominant in part because I refuse to fake chemistry. In short, if it isn’t fun for me it just won’t be any fun at all.

If you would like to know how to put a smile on my face you may continue to my interests.


Chicago Mistress and Dominatrix



Domina Thalia is a Chicago-based Dominatrix and Mistress who specializes in fetish, BDSM, sadomasochism, bondage, and more. She is available for private in-person BDSM coaching, training, as well as phone and distance training.

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