Chicago Fetish Mistress

The ‘h’ is silent. Thalia rhymes with Dahlia.

Initially I prefer M’am or simply Ms. Thalia. Mistress is an utterance I take rather seriously as it denotes possession, ownership and a heap of other agreements. Unless we are using it in a role play aspect the term Mistress implies a very nuanced relationship that must be built gradually.

I am not in the habit of accepting novices but if you are in earnest and your situation is dire I may consider you. You are to send me at least 4 paragraphs detailing your interests including why you have chosen me in particular. See about you for a framework

Though far from required, who doesn’t enjoy being lavished? I do have very particular tastes however so do refer to my Wish List & Guide.

Don’t be silly! Though I am absolutely a sadist I would become very bored if dishing pain were the only thing on the menu that satisfied me. I have plenty of means to make you suffer without inflicting pain of the physical variety. Fetishists are also welcome whether or not you are submissive. It is a mistake to pretend you are something that is not in your nature. Do not feel you must pretend to be submissive if you are not, masochistic if you are not etc.

For personal reasons I have chosen not to appear in BDSM videos. I have plenty of wonderful friends who do and I would be happy if you visited their sites here

Victoria Cayne

Simone Kross

Isabella Sinclaire

Madame Ingrid

Prepare to be on time not early or late. Prepare by being very clean inside and out. Fresh breath and freshly bathed. I also request that you remain chaste 72 hours prior to our meeting. Depending on where we are meeting I may require that you contact me upon parking.

f you wish to speak for 30, 60 or 120 minutes you will need to go through me and we can make arrangements. Phone scenes are ideal for those interested in distance training or for those who want to get to know me a touch better before arranging a meeting. I occasionally use a phone service:

As of winter 2020 I also offer video training but this must be orchestrated in advance.


I absolutely encourage any feedback you wish to share with me about our time. However, due to the private nature of what we experience I ask that you refrain from posting public reviews without my prior knowledge and consent.

As of January 2015 I have begrudgingly decided to join Twitter. I am still pretty averse to the culture of social media but I understand that the use of twitter seems to be the best way to get the word out when I am traveling.

If you want to tell me anything about your personal life that is up to you to divulge. I would never ask you these questions for the sake of discretion and respect for professionalism. I appreciate that you do the same and refrain from any attempts at raising the stakes of our interactions. We all have boundaries that we do not break, this is among mine. If dinner is part of a role play scene my tribute remains the same.

My needs are met and I am not currently interested in any additions. If this changes in the future it will be someone who I hand pick from those I am already acquainted with. However if I am in from out of town a chauffeur or errand runner with a sterling recommendation will be considered.

Currently my base is Chicago, IL I travel frequently and when I do I make certain to use the most well appointed and discreet spaces. Occasionally when I travel a traditional BDSM space is not available and I make excellent use of a hotel. I have a treasure trove worth of gear that can turn a plain vanilla bedroom into a (my) kinky black licorice dream. I have and continue to travel in American cities including Detroit, D.C., NYC, Boston, Seattle and San Francisco.

I prefer for us to reserve at least two hours especially for our initial meeting. I really like a longer scene where I can stretch out and relax. Rushing through a one hour scene is not my ideal but I understand that something is better than nothing. Although I have heard that a taste of honey is worse than none at all. Tribute is to be offered in an envelope promptly after introductions are made

Safety is of the utmost importance to me. If you have any medical conditions whatsoever I need to be alerted before we begin. All medical implements used are either sterilized with my Pelton Crane Sentry autoclave or they are single use only. When I travel I use MadaCide, boiling water and disposable implements. With the exception of electric all of my insertables are covered. I always have my safety scissors handy in case I need to cut you out of a bind in an emergency situation. Though sometimes difficult to endure I make certain my bondage does not interfere with basic circulation.

Chicago Fetish Mistress



Domina Thalia is a Chicago-based Dominatrix and Mistress who specializes in fetish, BDSM, sadomasochism, bondage, and more. She is available for private in-person BDSM coaching, training, as well as phone and distance training.

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