Below is an extensive list of my interests. Each link contains a description where I expand upon the particular interest, so please do take time and read thoroughly.

Let’s start from the bottom up shall we? From flip flops to spiky over the knee leather boots; anything that I tread on or in is worthy of your attention. Strappy patent leather, satin sling back stilettos, coquettish mules. Five and six inch classic pumps, closed toe boots laced, cropped and thigh high. I have plenty of pairs to keep us busy for hours. It is only after paying your respects to my footwear that you will be granted audience with my feet and toes.

After I unzip, unbuckle or simply dangle my shoe you will see that I am in possession of quite narrow well kept feet. My size eights feature very high arches though they do not typically smell they do sweat. I love it when they are ensconced in sheer hosiery especially the fully fashioned variety. The subtlety of my pedicure beneath the redding weave.Of course bare feet are nice in that I can get them dirty and have you clean them.

You gaze up at me, supine and helpless. Perhaps you are restrained and unable to shield yourself from my agile legs and feet. Science Fiction role play provides a wonderful canvas for a giantess scene. Ever dreamt of being at the mercy of a rampaging 50 ft woman? Or maybe you have stumbled into the lair of a sorceress who shrinks you to insect size. Beneath my feet and weight you’ll be helpless to whatever I decide you can handle.

Visually I believe my legs to be my best feature. As lovely as they are they are also wonderfully effective instruments of pain. Those especially well behaved may be allowed to worship, most will just look. I enjoy dressing in hosiery and among my favorites to slide on are fully fashioned nylons both cuban and point heel. The hypnotizing traces of my gloved finger up the back seam and the way they gather slightly when I move. The sound that real nylons make when you walk is without parallel.

Encasement Bag to zentai I will envelope you completely. Unable to even wiggle your fingers, I will be in charge of whether your five senses will go into overload or be denied entirely. Some locations that I use may even have a vacuum bed available for a truly inescapable surrender. Fornophilia and objectification mix well with wrapping. Breath play works well here too.

To the uninitiated I must admit that words fail me. I would love to be the one to open the door for you. Those who have experience I believe you will know what I mean, there is no sensation quite like e-stim.

Being a true sadist I just may bring you to tears. Delighting in rendering my supplicants immobile the fun truly begins when I have you where I want you.

Cupping to more intense scenes. Straight jackets & strict asylum internment. Enemas, Sounds, and inspections. Check ups and inpatient services. For the advanced I offer sutures, needles and cauterization.

Hmmm, we could be here a while! Serving up physical pain with a myriad of implements is one of my preferred activities. There are a hundred different ways to go all different and all intoxicating for us both. As I find this to be such a personal, subjective thing you will have to contact me to see where we ought to tread. Be careful what you wish for here, I can be extremely vicious.

I have charm school programs appropriate for prim debutantes and those less so. This is one of my perennial favorites. Sugar & Spice, Frills, Satins, Silks are all very nice. Would you like help with perfecting a favorite look? Or maybe you’ve been caught red handed in the lingerie drawer and need to be taught a lesson. I believe that gender is an inherently fluid construct. Sort of an amorphous solid really, very fun to shatter melt or pull.

Another very subjective category. The triggers for embarrassment are different for every person. Early in my experience I had once told a gentleman to sing only to discover he was a musical theatre major! Rest assured once I know more about you I can tailor something that can both humiliate (you) and entertain (me). Kind of like a psychological bondage, rendering you embarrassed and aroused its just one more way to get you to your most vulnerable. Whether degrading or subtle this can be a very powerful key to submission.

My imagination is boundless, what’s been on your mind? A cut and dry servitude role play usually hits the spot for starters.

This is available only in some and not all of the spaces I play in. I recommend this for more advanced players but do enjoy initiating new comers. We may begin with partial suspension or the classic bondage sling experience. This is fantastic coupled with more extreme bondage.

Best suited for those willing to commit. I have no problem with fantasy chastity over the course of a scene however that is not my preference. If you are serious about this type of training then we must develop trust so that we may remain realistic about our goals.

A wicked catch 22 involving discomforts and torments of varying degrees. Mainly discomforts that morph divinely into torments. let’s compare notes and see what we can get up to. Of course you can always leave it all up to me..

Only considered after second session due to trust and logistics.

Service, a topic close to the heart of many a submissive. Compelled to crawl? An innate desire to serve may be the reason. This is a theme worth exploring for those of you with subjugation on the mind. I have plenty of boots that need polishing and plenty of protocol that requires heeding (and memorizing).

I have several duo partners across the country. Simply inquire.

Only considered after our initial session. This is something I prefer to entertain with those I know a bit better. Let’s begin with fantasy and take it slow.

Complete immobilization or merely the restriction of movement has a more severe psychological impact than most would presume. A simple thing such as a hood or the inability move ones hands can take you to an entirely different realm. I utilise hemp rope, leather & latex fetters, bondage furniture and metal and wooden devices to produce a memorable experience. There are a thousand different way to make sure that you wont be getting away. To make sure that you are firmly entrenched in the world of my choosing.

Clamps, clothespins, rope, nails, heels, weights, other sharp & horrid things of course I can be more gentle as well for those of you more sensitive.

Are you the type that prefers pain dealt with hands and blows or the type that prefers implements? Let’s find out. Most of my electric attachments are custom suited for this activity.

While staring you down sternly my placidity will not prepare you for the rapid fire cracks about your face. Perhaps I will take your face in my hand so as to better my aim. Just as there are plenty of places to slap there are a wealth of ways to slap. Bare handed, leather gloved, latex gloved and a particular favorite: the ever stinging wet slap. Spitting is a wonderful garnish here.

Wax, as much a bdsm staple as clothes pins. Though sometimes messy it is a classic. Some of my favorite times with wax have involved full encasement during cbt. As for ice..there are a lot of things I like to freeze, let’s just leave it at that. Ice sounds and Fire Cupping are also available.

Since I am not an addict by nature the lure of the cigarette is solely as a means with which to inflict suffering. Tendrils of smoke cloud and twist around painted lips. Their inky patterns hypnotize you and choke away your air. As I inhale the cherry tip illuminates my face as it sharpens becoming the perfect threat of heat. A tender trap, the chicest poker with which to stoke our collective flame.

This is only pursued with those I know and trust during overnight and long term scenes. Once we get to know another better I will gladly share my methods. The depth of trust involved in such a scene must be built over time.

I have had success with both canines and felines. The methods vary from pet to pet but invariably involve newspaper and getting ones nose rubbed in something or another. Nice tight leashes of the short variety. And of course cages. I do truly truly love cages.

Whether you a pony that yearns for strict dressage or just a mustang in need of a wrangler I am sure I can be of some help. 

Strapped down or simply comfortably prostrate you will have the security of my lap beneath you and the wrath of my firm palm or paddle above. Neither of us will be going anywhere for a while..this was the accidental intro to bdsm experience for so many of you! I do have more than a streak of disciplinarian running through me and I love playing with antigue toys and pervertibles (brushes, rulers etc).

I certainly enjoy seeing ladies however there will be no favoritisms granted. I have female specific devices as well as the obvious unisex fare. If you are coming to me as a couple I will need to speak with both parties to assure mutual consent. If you are unable to do this I will not see you. All transwomen and men are welcomed wholeheartedly as well as the genderqueer & genderless.

On Wardrobe

I have accumulated an extensive collection of fetish clothing but I am just as confident topping you in street clothes. I am primarily a leather fetishist though I probably have more rubber pieces (that I also love dearly). I have had a life long love of vintage lingerie, corsetry, hosiery and gloves. I always play clothed in something and requests to see me otherwise will always be denied. If you would like to see me in a specific garment or look do go ahead and ask. Anything that elicits the response that I desire from you will also make me very happy indeed. I repeat, I am absolutely a fetishist for boots, corsets nylons. If it’s got Latex, Leather or Lacing I will love it.

on Limits

LIMITS are healthy and we all have them, mine are as follows:

  • No nudity on my part
  • No Sex
  • No fluid exchange
  • I do not switch
  • No Scat
  • No play involving minors, animals or non consenting bystanders
  • Do not touch me without my instructing you to. If you break this rule the scene will end on the spot.
  • The above is easier when you are sober which is also a requirement

If there is something that you do not see listed in my repertoire or limits, feel free to write and ask me.



Domina Thalia is a Chicago-based Dominatrix and Mistress who specializes in fetish, BDSM, sadomasochism, bondage, and more. She is available for private in-person BDSM coaching, training, as well as phone and distance training.

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