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Chicago Fetish Mistress

Chicago Fetish Mistress

First of all, thank you for visiting this portion of my site. The following is far from required. Entrusting your body to me is truly the finest gift I can receive.

I do understand that many of you do not like to come empty handed though especially upon a first meeting. I have drawn up a wish list that serves as an updated guide beginning with things that would be appropriate for you to bring to me in person. This list will also have specific apparel & gear on it from time to time. However gift certificates to Mr. S, Stockroom & Fetters are always appreciated.

If you wish to purchase a specific garment for me I will share with you my basic stats for sizing.

Shoe Size : 7 and a half in open toe and 8 in closed toe and boots, I have very narrow feet.

I stand 5’7 without shoes on and weigh 120 (this information is needed for hosiery).

My corset size is a 22 if you need my additional measurements for a custom piece I will supply them myself.

In fully fashioned nylons I am usually a size small. I like traditional colors such as coffee, tan, navy and black.

My glove size is 6 and a half. The brands I rely on are Eleganti & Gio.

Gift Certificates or items from the following shops:


Browns Fashion

Baby Likes to Pony

The Model Traitor

Natacha Marro

Torture Garden Latex



Domina Thalia is a Chicago-based Dominatrix and Mistress who specializes in fetish, BDSM, sadomasochism, bondage, and more. She is available for private in-person BDSM coaching, training, as well as phone and distance training.

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